Rachel Smith

  • Lipo Wraps

    Rachel Kirk Lost an inch straight after the wrap, woke up this morning measured again for daft and lost another so can't be

    .toooo bad

    Natalie Forbes Well the wrap has been done and i have lost 5inches off of my stomach......and thats just with the lipo.....will be doing thighs on wednesday.....will up date further :) but for today i am happy x

    Becky Gilbert Healy Check out facebook profile rachel actidermbeauty smith she also does a lipo wrap which ive list 2inches of the stomach, look at her before an after photos x

    Becky Gilbert Healy Ive lost half stone in a week an 5inches with the wrap x

    Hannah Jowett I have also done the wraps on my stomach and thighs losing 1" from under my bust, 2" from my waist and an inch off each thigh.

    VERY happy

    Miranda Hempshall Ey up duck just 2 let u know i've finally got round 2 doin my wrap:)measured 3 areas of my tummy area and in total i've lost 4 and half inches all over:)carn't believe it:)and i did tops of my legs and i've lost half inch of


    Becky Williams Best thing I've ever seen, tried for the first time ever tonight.....Lost 1 half inches from stomach....delighted :)

    Drank lots next day and re-measured and lost another 1/2 inch :-)

    Sue Simms

    would just like to say the lipo wraps are truley amazing ive done my first wrap tonight and lost 2 half inches i will say i honestly didnt think they would work and was gob smacked when i saw the results ...

    Sue emailed me to say she followed 3 days later with the thermo wrap and lost another 2 1/2 inches off her tummy measurement - thats a massive 5 inches from the same measurement in 2 wraps :-0 fantastic :-)

    Lisa Taylor

    Would just like to say the lipo wrap has worked 100 percent for me and I am not just saying it, I have been using them for just over a week and have lost 4 inches (started at 41 now at 37) I didn't know 
Rachel before purchasing
them.on my first wrap I didn't think they had worked, but with rachels help on the second wrap, realised I had not measured properly!! It's really important to measure 
your self either side were tape measure gos round sides if 
doing stomach area. ( in marker pen) as it shouldnt wash off, and then u know your measuring the same place on every wrap! I dont normally have much faith in products like these and just think it's people trying to skank money out of you,but I will most defiantly be purchasin these again and are worth every penny! Thanks Rachel. Xx

    Well was just about to do top part of my legs with the lipo wrap for the SECOND time, when I though I best measure again before I do,as after first wrap my measurements said I'd only lost a quarter or half a inch,and I'm gob smacked how much as come off over the few days after the wrap....
I measured in 3 places starting from near my knee, in the middle and top of my leg and the results are.... bottom 18 and quarter now 17 middle 22 now 20 and top 26 now 24, so that's a total of just over 5 inches off each leg now that's what I call a result!!!! Just on my second wrap now!!!! So I would defo advise to measure a couple of days after wrap as well just shows it carries on working!

    Lisa Taylor

    Ok have just done my 4th wrap on my stomach and lost another inch off of each part! I do 3 parts bottom of stomach (just arond belly button)middle and just under my bust and results are bottom of stomach area was 41 now 36 middle 33 and half now 31 and under breast 32 now 31. Yay!

    Linzi Coope

    Just done my first wrap. Don't know if I wrapped up tight enough but I've lost an inch off my waist and an inch off under my bust! Who needs to go to the gym when uv got this

    Rachel Nowell

    Just done my first wrap on my torso and OMG!!!!! Measured three areas and lost 1 inch off of each area. Hehe. Doing my thighs now :-).

    Nikki Soddu

    morning, did my wrap last night, lost 1" from under my bust, 2" from my waist and 1" from round my belly :) legs today.... tomorrow.... the world hehe xxx

    Hannah Jowett I have also done the wraps on my stomach and thighs losing 1" from under my bust, 2" from my waist and an inch off each thigh.

    VERY happy


    • 1. Jun 7 2012 7:09PM by Val

      Did my first wrap - totally gutted, not even a centimetre loss on any area. I'll try again in a couple of days but not holding out much hope. Maybe hoping for too much :(

    • 2. Jun 7 2012 9:12PM by slimmingandinchloss

      message me on facebook hun - youll be doing something wrong x

    • 3. Sep 12 2012 9:22PM by karen whitehead

      I have these body wraps on order hopefully be with me next week I am soooooooooooooo excited about trying, I just hope that I see results

    • 4. Nov 5 2012 10:23AM by shauneen

      can u do these wraps every day or have u to break inbetween an is there anyone in belfast hosts the wrap parties thankyou any help would be great. x

    • 5. Nov 5 2012 11:37AM by slimmingandinchloss

      YOu can do they every 3 days x


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